Discovering the profession of sculpture.

To represent an individual or an object in well cut and decorated stone is a reality already spread on the planet. An artistic and tourist passion that has made its career of art. Are you interested in this profession? Do you want to know how it goes? You are in the best place.

What is stone sculpture?

A sculpture consists of working a stone or piece of rough rock to give it a meaningful shape according to the craftsman's goals. While controlling the gradual elimination of the material, we give it an artistic form. A particular technique that defines a different way of making potters in clay or cast iron. It follows a well-defined process. Find out more…

What are the stages of sculpture on a stone?

Stone carving can be done on a stone directly where it is located or on a piece of rock already mined from its usual place. The latter method consisting of the isolated from the quarry is the most widespread. However, it goes through the same stages including:

The choice of stone

Choosing the right stone is the first step. Very important, the most recommended is the choice of a stone without cracks or with few cracks, so that it does not burst. It is good to choose limestone, flat, marble, granite, sandstone, or basalt depending on the type of rock he wants. Depending on whether the rock is soft or hard. The shape of the departure of the stone can be a source of inspiration for the sculptor to bring out the human form hidden at the source. To facilitate sculpture with simple objects, soft stones are the best choice unlike hard stones where iron tools are required.

The draft

Usually, the sculptor attacks large portions of the rock that are unwanted. He uses the elements as a stone chisel, a chisel, a mallet to quickly achieve his desire. Strict care is taken not to damage the stone when removing or not removing it.


>This step after having brought out the general form consists in giving a texture to his work. The sculptor uses a toothed chisel or gouge to create parallel lines depending on his choice and goals.

The final stages

currently amounts to polishing the stone to reveal the patterns on your work and give more luster. The sculptor uses tools such as a rifler, sandpaper or emery paper to bring out the patterns as strands of hair. Pewter and iron oxides also give a very reflective exterior appearance.
Let us remember these stages that respect the profession of the sculptor. A very fascinating profession, artistic and tourist.

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