Painting for my living room and its meaning.

I need a painting for my living room. What color or color composition to choose for the combination of real estate and furniture? So many questions and so many difficulties when it comes to ch oosing a paint. This article is welcome to help you in this choice.


What is a painting?

A painting is the work resulting from the organization by means of color of a surface representing a visible or imaginary suggestion of the world. This suggestion or representation is subordinate to tastes and real meanings. For your living room, find here the colors or color compositions for painting.

What colors did I choose for the paint in my living room and why?

We often choose the colors according to our tastes without knowing the meanings. A classification of gold with these meanings possible.

The color white

This so-called royal color is highly appreciated. White is the most refined and regal of colors. It symbolizes power and authority. It has similar significance in your living room and can easily reflect dirt even ahead of gray. As associated especially with the medical professions righteous to signify holiness and cleanliness can be used in the salon for the same purposes. Very royal, it becomes luxurious when it is married with black, gold, or silver. It goes with all colors and offers an infinite number of possible mixtures. With white impress the people who will pass by your living room.


Gold color

This color which has a very exceptional meaning; wealth, fortune, fertility, is attractive and appreciated by all. Still called gold, we automatically think of the precious metal that is gold, synonymous with wealth, value, leader. Using it for your living room has no negative meaning. Its sight makes it possible to feel safe because it gives us material ease. Put together with the color black or white, goes together easily and attracts more attention.


The color grey

The gray which symbolizes technology and seriousness on the walls of your living room harmonizes very sympathetically with the other colors of technology and furniture. It is well suited for the construction and technology fields. Very close to white also symbolizes cleanliness and easily reflects dirt. You can marry it with the color black, gold, purple to attract more attention.


Remember that a painting in the living room reflects a meaning and must be well studied before being posed. Now refer to this for your choice.